The Story Behind My Book, Royals!

Royals is a 14 day devotional for girls, inspired by God. Honestly, in 2017 I felt a strong prompting to write a devotional. At the time I was living in Long Beach, California and recently started blogging pretty regularly. I laughed and dismissed the thought of writing a book because in front of me were only about 6 blog subscribers- including my mom and two sisters. Could Melody Davis become a real life Author? Who in the world would want to read what I have to say? So, I carried on living in a semi-comfortable lane- blogging about my random adventures and encounters around LA.

Fast forward to a year later, I had freshly moved to Kampala, Uganda teaching in the classroom for the first time. Along with teaching preschool students, I found myself surrounded by lots of girls ages 10-13 as I was also coaching Basketball and Volleyball after-school. The gentle nudging from God to write this book persisted, so I decided to give the thought some voice and told a few trusted mentors and family members. To my surprise everyone was super encouraging and loved that I would undertake this writing journey!

To be honest, the idea of writing a book was always a hidden dream of mine. Growing up I was a super fan of Anne Frank- kinda random but I really identified with a young girl telling her story from her own perspective, and it being sort of a way for her to leave her legacy. Since I was like 8 years old I’ve always kept a journal and would detail the portions of my life in story form, no matter how trivial or insignificant. I had fun writing to different audiences and even would address some of my entries to my future husband and children. Of course all of it was top secret and kept locked away in my parent’s basement.

When I was around 14 years old my Aunt Nicole introduced me to Queen Esther. She narrated for me in colorful language a clear moving story of a young girl, who like myself was ordinary and perhaps even a bit awkward. When inner beauty was combined with bravery Esther positioned herself perfectly before a King, saving millions of people. She was Royal. This was the first time a Bible story came alive so vividly. The first time I felt like I could relate to the larger story of God. The first time I too felt, Royal. This was a moment that impacted the path I chose and still adventure on, hand-in-hand with the Lord today. I am convinced that every girl needs to know she is Royal. I am convinced that knowing Christ and what He says about us is everything. (*Special congrats & shout out to my beautiful Aunt Nicole C. Mullen who also released an epic book this month, My Redeemer Lives: It's Personal - A Story of Hope!! She graciously wrote my book forword too).

On Jan 14th 2018 I started writing what is now Royals: a 14 day Devotional for Girls. This process has been one of my most triumphant accomplishments. Since it’s ultimately God’s work, I believe that it has power and His breath that will carry it beyond any impact I could have ever imagined.

I pray every girl who encounters it’s pages leaves feeling encouraged to jumpstart her own relationship with King Jesus as His royal, darling daughter.

Melody Davis

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