April + showers = May flowers

April showers bring May flowers, right?

I am not sure if that little saying applies to life in Uganda. I still haven't figured out the rainy season schedule, but lately it's been a tropical oasis with sporadic downpours, followed by bright scorching hot equator sun! I've turned like 4 shades darker in the past 7 months & I am loving it.

Fortunately, I got much more than rain in April, and can now smell the roses as I countdown my final days in May.


April was an epic month! Showered with tons of love! I got my first REAL visitor- my "twin", my homie, one of my best friends in the whole world SIDRA!! The timing of her visit was so perfect. It followed what felt like a true drought. We spent about 10 days running around Kampala and a nearby town called Jinja. The last time we were together in person was NYE 2018 where we decided to get impromptu tattoos! While no one got inked this time (yet) this trip was THE best adventure ever!

We rode horses, ate lots of local food, took two road trips between cities, danced all night by the Nile River, made new friends, hung out with my Ugandan friends, tent camped on the Nile River, explored Kampala, went to a rooftop restaurant, heard live African music, went to church, learned some new Luganda words, rode bodas, toured my school, ate lots of whole fish with our fingers, busted out in random dances in public, made every moment a photo op, and pretty much laughed hysterically every second of the days!

What I loved most was getting to just BE my 100% self. Sidra and I share a similar upbringing, and both know what it's like to live and teach abroad by ourselves- as black American women. Her visit was energizing, encouraging, and reassuring that I am right where God wants me to be- despite the challenges. Yas for best friends!

We said a somber goodbye at the end of the 10 day trip, but both of us were so full of gratitude for the opportunity to spend time together that we couldn't be tooooo sad. We recognized that God keeps leveling us up, so that means that only good things are ahead!


It's month #8. I leave Uganda the first week of June! I'm currently packing up my classroom, my apartment and preparing to depart the continent! It's bitter sweet, but a visit "home" is in order. My friends & family are really important to me and I plan to see as many of them as I can this summer!

Here are the things I am most looking forward to in the States!!

1. Walking down the sidewalks. (There are none in Kampala. I often almost get hit by cars/bodas on a daily.)

2. Inhaling clean air like its my job. (I'm over burnt trash & truck fumes filling my lungs)

3. Kissing my baby niece's cheeks. (She just turned one and I love her more than her dad aka my brother. Don't tell him I said that ha!)

4. Window shopping at Target and ending up with a random $200 purchase of all my favorite, slightly unnecessary things. (Because who doesn't love this every once in a while)

5. Starbucks iced coffee with almond milk. (Cause I haven't had a good one in almost a year)

6. Being able to let my guard down a bit. (These streets can be busy & unsafe at times)

7. Using electronics in public. (Unfortunately, ghosts like to snatch iPhones in Uganda)

8. Grey's Anatomy, Spotify & Hulu. (They are all unavailable here- legally)

9. Chick-Fil-A. (I know ya'll confused cause i'm a pescatarian lol but the lemonade, waffle fries and that buffalo/BBQ sauce combo goes SO hard!)

10. Visiting my old churches. (Miss the familiarity & the free church coffee lol)

The countdown begins! :)

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-xoxo Melody Amber


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