Coffee Is Life

It really doesn't matter where I am, I usually need to start my day with a cup (or 3) or coffee! Mmmmmm!! Just spelling the word C O F F E E makes me all warm and fuzzy ha! I've been in Africa for almost 30 days now and prior to leaving I'll be honest a real concern of mine wasn't getting Malaria, Yellow Fever or travelers diarrhea... ya girl had way more urgent problem to solve like, "oh snap, how will I be able to drink coffee everyday?!" #Priorities

Trader Joe's came through.

With these little all in one packets of coffee, cream & sugar one can make a 4oz cup of heaven instantly. Normally don't care for instant, but I survived off 3 boxes of this in Uganda & in Kenya, especially when we were in the rural areas of Mombasa. Ain't nobody got Starbucks out there.

Zanzibar held me down though!

We stayed in an airbnb in Stone Town, Zanzibar. It's a cute little town with super tall weathered- vintage looking buildings with beautiful wooden doors, awesome shutters and colorful exterior water pipes. Navigating the streets feel like a maze since it all looks the same!

Anyways on one of our strolls through the town Danielle and I got lost & stumbled upon this cute little coffee shop! (Coincidentally it was around the time that my rationed coffee packets had ran out lol) #DontTellMeWhatMyGodWontDo.

Admittedly inside Zanzibar Coffee House were many other tourist (Mzungu) caffeine addicts also getting their daily fix lol. I was in there with no shame haha!

Zanzibar Coffee House has the cutest quaint island vibes! They had all the essentials; wifi, wooden tables, small table plants, simple vintage decor, pastries, and a full menu of drinks & delicious African-ish foods! Needless to say this place became my second home quick. Oh and the prices are so cheap, killing the Starbucks game while still delivering a delicious brew!

If you're ever in Zanzibar you must visit this awesome place!

I am in love.

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