Kenyan Top 8!

So Danielle and I spent a week in Mombasa, Kenya. Lemme share 8 epic highlights from the trip! #MissionsVacationMashup #AdventuresInTheMotherLand #AfricaPart2

1. My hammock dreams came true

I carried my $10 hammock from Target with me to Africa in hopes of swinging between the coconut trees! Our wonderful friends Peter & Simba made it happen! It even held both me and Danielle! #winning

2. I wrote my 1st African rap

We visited some of Peter's friends who happened to be music producers/musicians. They had the coolest little home studio setup soooo naturally I wrote a corny "rhyme" about African food & of course I had to rep LA as I spit on the track son! They thought it was hilarious 😂 Stay tuned for the finished song.

3. We danced until 5am

Kenyans go hard! We literally went to a couple lounges in the evening & danced until FIVE am. The awesome part was the venues stayed open until the next morning & were all packed with people!! They even bumped a few Gospel songs- no joke! Everyone was grooving to my favorite, "I know who I am. I know who God says I am!" song. (Google it) #GetYoGloryEverywhereJesus

4. I (almost) overcame my bird phobia

Danielle and I stayed in a family style community like real Kenyan locals. "Mama", Peter's mother, hosted us & also several other volunteers from around the world. Danielle lived there 5 years ago when she volunteered with the orphanage nearby. Anyways, each morning we ate a bomb home cooked meal & woke up to roosters crowing, chickens clucking, dogs barking and my least favorite, 3 giant geese 🙈. I had no choice but to call fear a liar in the face of the many fowl! Oh & we used the squatty-potty/shower combo everyday, lowkey it was super fun! 😂

5. We rode around on 3 wheels

We legitimately got everywhere on these 3 wheeled bumpercar looking motorcars called "Tuk-Tuks". Feels like a bumpy rollercoaster ride with no seat belts. At first I was hesitant and just knew the little things would flip over, but nope. Tuk-Tuks are clutch and solid as a rock. Not to mention they were SUPER cheap. Like 50 cents for a short ride.

6. We blessed 30+ orphan childrenLike I mentioned in previous posts, Danielle raised money to return to the orphanage she volunteered with 5 years ago. With the donations we were able to purchase mattresses, school uniforms, shoes and tons of food for Likoni AIDS Orphanage! The kids were so grateful and it made my heart smile. We also organized a giant water ballon fight! The hot weather was perfect for getting drenched in water.

7. Went took 13 kids to the beach We got to take some of the cute children who live in Mama's neighborhood to Shelly Beach in Mombasa! The water was kinda shallow, but very warm and clear. The kids loved the selfie stick & scrubbing the soft sand all over their bodies. Again the Tuk-Tuks came thru with cheap transportation. 🙌🏽

8. We learned a small amount of Swahili Danielle and I were constantly called Mzungu (translated to "white person") ALL week -_- I guess our American accents, heads full of braids/twists, and giddy grins set up apart. Or it could have been the fact that we are super tall and slightly a shade lighter than most people. Either way, we were clearly not locals but these key words helped us somewhat fit in lol! Hello= Jambo or Niaje How is it?=Mambo You're welcome=Karibu Thank you= Asanti I'm good =Poa

Overall Kenya was amazing! The adventures were unforgettable. I'd def love to come back in the future! Now, off to Zanzibar in Tanzania! Subscribe to keep up with my continued tour of Africa! 😜 #Vacation #CountdownTo30

xoxo Mel

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