Hakuna Matata from Kenya

I'm pumped to experience more African culture and literally take life one day at a time. I'll be honest, I love the pace of things here. It's been so nice not having to know what day it is or stress about work. Nothing is rushed! and like our Ugandan friends taught me, "time is elastic" haha. Pretty much it's Hakuna Matata and I'm here for it all. 🤗😜👌🏽 I made it to Kenya! I said goodbye to my Reach Up Reach Out team June 13th in Uganda and boarded a place to Nairobi!  

I met my girl Danielle in the airport!! It was an epic dramatic reuniting haha! We hugged and laughed like some school girls while everyone in line starred at us wondering what the deal was lol. It had been 13 days people!! Haha  

From there we met our Kenyan friend Peter who helped us make all the travel arrangements & will be our guide while here. He lives in Mombasa so we took a 4 hour train to the Kenyan coast where we will be staying for the next 8 days. Yo! That train ride gave me Lion King feels- we totally saw tons of elephant & zebra! What will we be doing in Kenya?! Danielle was able to raise $1,500 USD from generous people in the States to go towards purchasing items for an orphanage she volunteered with 5 years. So cool! These 8 days will be a spirit lead adventure!! We will be purchasing kids clothes, shoes, mattresses, food and other things all to bless the children! Danielle and I also plan to hangout with the locals, explore the beautiful country, and for suuure taste some authentic food.  

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