Making Color in Uganda

I'll be 30 in 30 days! What?! I couldn't think of a better way to leave my 20's! Seriously, if you've read any of my previous blogs you know that my life is not exactly how I would have planning it, BUT at the same time muuuuch better than I could have ever dreamed! 3 countries in a month=winning! #WontHeDoIt  The past week in Uganda has been more than a dream come true! I've gotten to facilitate several art projects with multiple age groups at Smile Africa in Torroro at the first ever Reach Up Reach Out Worship & Arts Camp!  

Not only have the 300+ sweet orphans melted my heart (again) I've had the privilege to serve God with THE coolest groups of talented individuals. This phenomenal missions team is comprised of dancers, singers, forensic scientists, painters, photographers, musicians, writers, rappers, hair stylists, nurses, beat boxers, producers, strategists, visionaries- id say we're lacking nothing!  

 I'm honored to have had this time to connect with old friends and make new lasting friendships! Basically my international family just grew! ((Shoutout to #CBC ft. Mocha, Caramel & Mira!! Check it our new single here lol #CBC Single )) The children are really the reason I came back to this beautiful country! Watching kids use glue, scribble with markers for the first time, & witnessing them experience the joys of paint in between their tiny fingers, were among the many priceless moments at camp!  

On the first day one little boys kept trying to get my attention by repeatedly calling out, "Mazungu, Mazungu" which in Swahili basically means "white person", Hahahah! He was fascinated with the markers and wanted to show me his art work and how he "made color"! It was THE cutest thing ever!! The entire camp was divided into 3 age groups that rotated to art, dance and music workshops. At first the language barrier was intimidating, along with the hundreds of curious sets of hands reaching for the variety of new materials we brought, but I tell ya, creativity is universal! Making color, dancing and singing can break down any perceived barrier whether language, cultural, age, gender etc. Yo! These kids are super talented and express themselves in the purest, honest, most innocent ways.  

This week we worshipped God by sharing in wonderful creativity! I have many more posts to come but overall I loved every minute of Uganda and the cuties at Smile Africa! 

My next stop on this spirit lead journey is Kenya! In a few days I am meeting my dear friend in Nairobi. (Read more here). We will be loving more orphan children and experiencing life changing moments of worship! Cant wait to make more color!! 🤗💖 

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