3 Reasons I am Returning to Uganda!

Immediately after my first trip to Africa last December 2016 I returned home to LA silently kicking & screaming,TAKE ME BAAAAACK!”

I literally, started purging & packing my life. I watched Minimalism on #Netflix for that extra oomph! to get rid of all excess. This was no joke. HA!

I began preparing for a faith-filled, passion driven, (slightly dramatic) & rather speedy departure back to Uganda! I didn’t know how or where, but i just


I wanted to go back for several reasons:

Here are 3...

1. I am a missionary kid. I think global travel, Jesus & caring for people have always been in my veins. Having the privilege of living in Montego Bay, Jamaica from 1996- 2000 molded & exposed me to different cultures, extreme poverty, divine miracles, the power of prayer, the impact of love & lots of splendor!

2. The children completely changed the way I love. Like the 90 minute documentary about important things, the beautiful children in Uganda helped remind me of what matters most in life- loving God & loving people.

"Love people, Use Things"

-Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus, known as “The Minimalists”

3. The last trip made my “baby leap”. Now don’t get crazy, I am not out here in these streets knocked up haha!

I am referring to what happened in the Bible story found in Luke 1:39-45 when pregnant Mary (carrying Jesus) visits pregnant Elizabeth (carrying John THE baptist).

Upon Mary's arrival, baby John responded w/ some swift kicks to Elizabeth’s insides... ouch & awesome at the same time!


Biblical Scholars write that John's supernatural movement was the first sign of conception. Epic. The Bible says Elizabeth had extraordinary GIFTS FROM THE SPIRIT that allowed her to call Mary #blessed- knowing she was the Mother of the Lord! [Not to be confused with the Mother of Dragons lol]

Both women were carrying some weighty, yet dynamic PROMISES. In fact Elizabeth ends this electric encounter with Mary by saying,

"Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!”

Luke 1:45

Children at Smile Africa in Uganda

Sooooo, What does this mean?

How did Melody's "baby leap" when she ain't even pregnant?... Glad you asked! :)

Simply put,

I'm speaking to the magnitude of the #SpinningSideKick

that came from my experience in Uganda!

The same way there was this internal movement once the two women were aligned-- while in Uganda, I also felt the confirmation that God was stirring within me PROMISES mixed with EXTRAORDINARY GIFTS!

I can't articulate it all, but I am blessed because I know the Lord will and is fulfilling those promises- as He did with Mary & Elizabeth! *insert brown praise hands emoji* :)

Shunna & Alex Jones-Moreno & Melody

RURO Worship & Arts Camp logo

As I mentioned above, I am now interning with Reach Up Reach Out Ministries here in Los Angeles! I am overjoyed to be partnering with and serving along side such phenomenal, humble, leaders and mentors- Shunna & Alex Jones-Moreno!

In addition to supporting ministry efforts here in LA, I will be returning, with the team, to Uganda in June for the RURO Worship and Arts Camp!

Our desire is to expose the children to various art forms: vocals, music, dance, art (painting) as well as technical arts such as photography and videography.

ALL kinds of super dope creative epicness!!

I plan to use this blog to write about my RURO internship, experiences in LA, my other #PassionProjects, and adventures while in Africa! Keep reading if you're down to keep up! :) (that was not a pun intention, but I do got bars, and cheesy 2000's jokes for days LOL!)



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